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    Editing & Collaboration Tools
    It takes a village to write a book. With Inkling, you can invite your friends, family and colleagues to help you write your book. You can also get feedback from your readers and make changes to your book as you publish it.
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    Get Paid! At your price
    Bring your Stripe account and name your price. We take care of the rest. Add paywalls to your site and let users read as much or as little of your work for free. With promotions and discounts, you can also run sales and giveaways.
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    A Website for your Book
    Every great book needs an amazing website. Use our templates or create your own to showcase your book and engage your readers.
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    Stay in touch with your readers
    With our mailing list manager, you can stay connected with your readers and keep them updated on your latest work.

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Beginners Guide to "Product Building"

Apps, websites and SaaS: An inside tour of factories that churn out products and maintain them


The Sabbatical Handbook

Understand the power of time off work, and how to leverage it into an amazing career.

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Write your book for free and when you want to sell, we charge a smol fee.

  • All writing, editing & collaboration tools

  • Basic Website Landing pages

  • Mailing List Manager

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  • All writing, editing & collaboration tools

  • Basic Website Landing pages

  • Mailing List Manager

  • Custom Landing pages

  • Payment Integration

  • Custom domain

Earn with Premium

Writing your book on Substack? You can do better.

Substack is great for news. Not so great for not news.
  • Shelf life matters
    News has a shelf life of days or weeks.

    This means that older articles are worthless and the amount of "value" in access to the articles is constant over time. Not so with your blog. Each article you post increased the value of your blog. A person buying a 1-month subscription in month 20 gets the same amount of value as someone who has paid 20-months subscription. This is unfair to everyone involved.

  • Your readers don’t want another subscription
    How many subscriptions is too many?

    I'd say we're well past that point. Your readers don't need to manage another subscription to get access to your words. Do everyone a favour and just sell them the words in a one time transaction, you know, like with a book.

  • Who needs the grind?
    The grind is real.

    With a newsletter if you don't publish regularly you stop growing. The algorithm is a hard taskmaster. It takes all the joy out of writing. And here's the rub --- you have dozens of older posts that your newsletter platform won't mail out to new users because it's optimized for news. And this is where we come in.

    We'll keep your newer readers engaged with freebies, older posts and so on so that you don't absolutely need to write to a schedule if you don't want to.