Beginners Guide to "Product Building"

About the book

I have spent the large part of the last decade building consumer digital products. Things that you use via "apps". From teaching people online, to letting people order food from their homes, from being able to transfer money in blink of an eye to bringing all the world's music and movies to your pocket - software 'products' are the platform on which trillions of dollars of modern economy works.

In this book we understand how these are made and how they are run. We start by understanding what types of markets a product can cater to - B2B, B2C, and everything in between. From there we move to understand how products in different domains differ - ecommerce, health-tech, ed-tech, fin-tech, younameit-tech. Then we pick each aspect of running product companies - sales, marketing, design, business, product management and engineering and dive deeper into how they all fit in together. 

This is written by and intended for a tech-first audience. Hence both the depth to which sales, marketing and finance are covered, as well as how useful it might be those who want to professionally pursue a role in these roles will be fairly limited, compared how deep I can cover engineering, product management and design.

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About the Author

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