The Sabbatical Handbook

About the book

Welcome to my smol book. I'm here to help you deal with professional stagnation and burnout, two perils of modern work life often found together. And my answer for these ills might sound counterintuitive at first, but I've tested this knowledge over and over and it has stood up to all the tests.

My answer is to relax, to fall in love with life and to connect with one's authentic purpose by going walkabout. Or as the moderns call it - on sabbatical.

The book is a work in progress. This table of contents will shift and churn as we find our way to the correct book. Thank you for reading your feedback, and your financial support :-)

Sid Sharma

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About the Author

Siddharth has had a chequered career. He got his first job selling computer games at the age of 14 and took his first sabbatical at the age of 21 -- a year off after college that changed everything. Finding his way back to the straight and narrow, he started professional life as a banker in London but what followed is anything but a typical career path -- burnout, first sabbatical leading to a semi-career as a musician, an exploration of the world as a hippie and then a return to professional life as banker and technologist.

Now on his third sabbatical, and having guided dozens of people through theirs, Siddharth is ideally suited to help you forge a career that feels like fun, surrounded by people who feel like they are your tribe, and leading to outcomes that are better than the standard career path.