Getting high off work is not a problem. Only feeling ok when you're working is a problem.


I know you like work. I like work too. But you know what worries me most? When work makes me euphoric. When I start to get high from work, I know that this is trouble. Oh I know you don't agree. How can something that feels so right be so wrong?

how can something that feel so right be so wrong?

Getting high from work doesn't just feel right, it feels awesome! After all, isn't this the whole purpose of our lives? To be useful. To build amazing things. Isn't this what God put us on this earth to do?

Welcome Junkie,

Your cortisol fix is ready for you. And later today we'll have some adrenaline ready for you. We're going to have sooo much fun!

Let's ride that dragon baby!

Oh this is not you?

You're a responsible person. You work hard. You're trying to build a better life for yourself and your family. Hard work is required. Suffering is a given....

Then how come you can't play cricket with your kid without your mind buzzing from work. How come you're so fidgety at weddings and christenings. How come your hands are always fidgeting with that phone? How come you lie down to sleep at night and you feel like you never slept at all? Does this sound normal? You remember ever hearing of anyone feeling this way?

Nope. This is not normal. 

Getting high off work is not a problem. Only feeling ok when you're working is the problem.

If any other activity stresses you out, then you are in one of the stages of an addiction. This addiction will demand more and more from you just to achieve baseline levels of 'feeling ok'. 

You're a cortisol junkie.

A What Junkie?

Cortisol. And adrenaline. 

As a wise man once said

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